A GCSE maths equivalency test is a useful qualification that MME provides. They are a Company that we work with since they have the best service for booking exams and revision materials. If you require an English or science GCSE equivalency test, MME is an exam provider for these too. Leeds Tutor Company is a revision service for people who are taking GCSE equivalency tests. We provide sessions to help prepare you for the exams.

The maths equivalency test is a great qualification especially for trainee teachers or prospective nurses that require this qualification because they haven’t successfully achieved a maths, science or English GCSE. The reason why people prefer the equivalency test over the standard GCSE test is because they are more flexible since you can sit them at any point in the year whereas the GCSE tests are restricted to two times in the year where you can take them. The UK government sets the curriculum for the exams, therefore the equivalency test should reflect that. Every exam provider will have a specification for the exams that you can ask to see.

Exam Booking

For the maths GCSE equivalency test, you can book them online or via MME who will book the exam for you. If you call MME directly, they will deal with any issue you have.

Maths Equivalency Test Practice Papers

The mock test papers are there to help people prepare for the actual test. The maths equivalency test practice papers are great if you want to practice exam style questions and see how you apply your knowledge to them. If you want to access the mock papers, they are delivered to you by Royal Mail and you will also receive the mark scheme. We would recommend that you don’t look at the mark scheme until after the mock paper has been taken.