At Leeds tutor company, we prepare our prospective trainee teachers to get onto an initial teacher training course. The mandatory requirement to be a teacher is a grade C or level 4 in  GCSE maths and English. For those without these qualifications, a GCSE equivalency is the best way to get them. 


There are many different equivalency exam providers, so knowing the major differences between them is important to make sure you choose the right one. The main separation between all the providers is the equivalency testing price but also what is offered with the course differs and also the support given by the providers. The majority of the equivalency exam providers offer revision notes,exam papers and practice questions. If a learner needs any help with the preparation of their equivalency exam then Leeds Tutor Company is here to offer our support.

At Leeds Tutor Company we offer our professional tutors to work 1-2-1 with our learners to give them the best chance of passing their exams.We also help our learners find the best equivalency testing price for them and facilitate any needs they have. If you need any help with booking your equivalency exams, please contact Leeds Tutor Company.