Leeds Tutor Company is a place where you may test your literacy skills. We collaborate with Pass Functional Skills to help learners obtain their functional skills certificates. This service can help you prepare for your functional skills exams and schedule an Ofqual-approved exam.


Functional skills qualifications are essential for people who do not have a level 4 or C in math or English. These credentials are crucial for finding a job in the UK since they demonstrate a basic understanding of understanding in Maths and English. Obtaining a level 2 or higher qualification is highly advantageous because it is a requirement for admission to a higher educational programme.


The level 2 qualifications are GCSE equivalent, this implies they are regarded as equivalent to a level 4 by universities, employers, and course providers throughout the uk. Ever since the pandemic, Ofqual has teamed up with all the major exam boards to provide online functional skills exams that are equal to paper-based exams. The online level 2 exams are much more accessible because they can be taken from home by using a computer and a camera and need very little setup. The following links will take you to the best revision resources and exam registration pages.



Ofqual oversees the Level 2 Maths and English certifications that we offer, and a Leeds tutor company tutor can provide expert teaching to help you pass your functional skills maths exam.


Level 1 Functional Skills.



Pass Functional Skills aim is to help people get their level 1 math and English qualifications. Everything including past papers to study and revision resources may be found on this highly specialised website. Below are the most popular level 1 Math and English pages.

Keep Pass Functional Skills in mind when taking level 1 and 2 related exams.