Primary Maths Tutors In Leeds | Leeds Maths Tutors

If you are looking for a primary maths tutor in Leeds then Leeds Tutor Company is here to help. We have expert primary school teachers who tutor all aspects of KS1 and KS2 Maths including specialist SATs preparation. If you are looking for a qualified, DBS checked and experienced primary maths tutor then get in touch today and we will discuss how the tuition works.

KS3 Maths Tutors in Leeds | Maths Tuition in Leeds

For KS3 maths tuition in Leeds contact Leeds Tutor Company. KS3 is a time when students either start to love maths or really dislike it and get left behind. We are use to all abilities of students and those who love and hate maths. Regardless of a child’s feelings towards the subject, most accept how important maths for other subjects such as Science but also for life in general. Our KS3 maths tutors tap into what motivates students and they connect on their level. They will teach the KS3 Maths curriculum to the highest level and ensure that every lesson is tailored to the individual student. Therefore if you are looking for a KS3 maths tutor in Leeds then please contact Leeds Tutor Company today.

GCSE Maths Tutors in Leeds | GCSE Maths Tutors in Leeds

We have expert GCSE maths tutors in Leeds who travel to you to deliver lessons. If you are looking for one to one maths tuition in Leeds then we are here to help. Our GCSE Maths tutors in Leeds are qualified, DBS checked and experienced. The home maths tuition we provide has an impact and we often see students improving 2 grades from their mock result. Because the GCSE maths courses are now starting in the middle of year 9 in most schools, it is more important than ever that students get off to a good start so rather than being reactive to poor mock results it is better to be proactive and help children to get off to the best possible start as the new GCSE maths course is more difficult than ever.

A Level Maths Tutors in Leeds | Maths Tutors in Leeds

Our A Level maths tutors in Leeds are all qualified and experienced and have up to date DBS checks. Whether you are aiming for a grade C or A* our A Level maths tutors can help. Since the change to the A Level maths course, all students now have to study core, stats and mechanics but most school teachers haven’t taught haven’t taught all aspects of the course which is why many students don’t get the right support that they need. All of our A Level maths tutors in Leeds have extensive experience. If you are looking for an A Level maths tutor in Leeds please get in touch.