Primary Maths Tutors | Maths Tuition in York

If you are looking for a primary maths tutor in York or you want KS2 maths tuition for your child then you are on the right site. At Leeds Tutor Company we work with a number of agencies such as York Maths Tutor and Maths Made Easy to deliver the very best primary tuition in York. All of our primary maths tutors are DBS checked, experienced and qualified.

KS3 Maths Tutors | Maths Tutors in York

KS3 Maths tuition can be really effective when delivered by expert tutors. All of our York maths tutors are experienced and have a proven track record of helping people to progress well within their KS3 course. Getting the fundamental concepts right at KS3 is crucial for helping with GCSE content. Our expert tutors will help your child with all of the key topics from algebra to shapes, geometry and numbers.

GCSE Maths Tutors | York Maths Tutor

Our GCSE maths tutors in York can help your child to prepare effectively for their exams. The new 9-1 GCSE maths course is challenging even for the most gifted mathematicians. With the introduction of grade 9  there are some extremely challenging exam questions that appear on the new papers. There is also no coursework which means the exams themselves have more content and there is more course content to cover which is why most schools start teaching GCSE Maths in year 9. If you are looking to help your child by booking an expert GCSE maths tutor in York then Maths Made Easy can help. All of the tutors provide in home tuition, always one to one private tuition which is the most impactive and gets the best results.


A Level Maths Tutors | York Maths Tuition

Our York A Level maths tutors can help you or your child with your studies. Finding the right A Level maths tutor is essential as it can help to make all the difference when it comes to exam results day. With job applications and University places at stake you need to ensure that you get the best help. Our A level maths tutor in York always provide the very best one to one private tuition. If you are thinking, how do I find an A Level maths tutor near me, then look no further we can help.