Leeds Tutor Company helps people to prepare for City & Guilds functional skills exams. Our team have worked with MME to come up with a series of resources which include city and guilds functional skills past papers. These exam papers help learners to revise and along with the mark schemes provided are a great way to prepare for examinations.

Taking a City and Guilds functional skills exam is a great opportunity to kickstart your career, as many employers across the UK look for qualifications in Maths and English, which these functional skills qualifications fulfils. Obtaining a functional skills qualification is also highly sought after by a variety of universities and colleges in the UK, and are listed by many of these institutes as an entry requirement. The subjects that MME offer with the City and Guilds functional skills exams include both Maths and English, two of the cornerstones of employability. In addition, MME also offer both level 1 and 2 exams for each subject, allowing you to pick and choose which exam will suit your needs best.

The City and Guilds Functional Skills exams are all conducted online with an invigilator provided by the exam board. The invigilator will invite you to an online video call on the day of your exam and walk you through the setup process to get you on your exam.

The exam follows the same curriculums as the other functional skills exams that MME provide, so you don’t have to worry about revising the wrong materials. With the City and Guilds Functional Skills practice papers that MME provides along with the other learning resources on their website, you should have everything you need to pass your exam with ease.