Leeds Tutor Company helps people to prepare for functional skills English level 2 exams. The functional skills is a GCSE equivalent qualification that can help you gain entry on university courses as well as improve your chances of employment. If you are doing an apprenticeship and do not have a GCSE in English you will be required to get your level 2 qualification in order to complete your programme.

The English equivalency exam MME provides is undergone remotely, meaning you won’t have to travel, and the only thing you need to complete your exam is a computer or laptop with a working webcam. The exam will be ran by a Ofqual approved invigilator who will email you with everything you need to start the exam. The exam itself is 2 hours in its entirety, and is made up of two sections, reading and writing. Once you book the exam, you can sit it in up to 5 working days if you book directly through MME. As soon as you have passed, you will be sent a certificate confirming your grade around 3 weeks later. You will be sent your results via email and will receive them in up to 16 working days.  Leeds Tutor Company and MME would strongly recommend that the leaner has done between 50 and 60 hours of revision before they sit the exam.

The revision material needed and the functional skills level 2 English online exam are priced, at the cheapest offered price, of £225. This low price includes the exam and everything needed to pass it with flying colours. For only £225 you get access to the exam itself, multiple past papers to revise from, quality revision cards and an online login to a reliable, easy to use, online revision website. As well as all this, you’ll find more revision tools on the MME website itself.

We also recommend Pass Functional Skills as an alternative provider for the Functional Skills English Level 2 exam.