Online Functional Skills Maths Introduction

Online examinations are fast becoming the most popular option to take exams since they are more convenient and accessible. Many education providers and universities have been moving towards online exams due to the advantages outweighing the disadvantages, and the pandemic has only accelerated this change. You can now access all of your exam revision material for your functional skills maths from home qualification, for both level 1 and level 2.


Online Functional Skills Maths Revision

At Leeds Tutor Company we provide free access to past papers and recommended resources like our invaluable pre-assessment. The pre-assessment works you through questions that are similar to exam style questions, and will outline topic areas you need to improve on in order to pass and achieve your Functional Skills Maths qualification. Some learners prefer to have a physical copy, so we always offer revision material that can be sent to your house, such as test papers and revision flashcards. Once you feel prepared and confident, you may arrange an exam and take it from the comfort of your own home.


Online Functional Skills Maths Exam

Book and take your functional skills maths exam equivalent to a GCSE level C/ Level4 online! Leeds Tutor Company is delighted to be one of the first and most well-known providers of Ofqual-Regulated exams. Online exams can be taken from the convenience of your own home, and online invigilation ensures that all the exam requirements are followed. Functional skills are regarded as a GCSE-equivalent qualification that is recognised by post-secondary institutions such as universities and apprenticeship programmes. The frequently asked questions about the online functional skills maths tests are addressed in the FAQs below.



Is it safe to take an exam online?

Yes, keeping track of tests online rather than on paper is a lot safer option. Exam invigilators are well-trained and guarantee that the exam guidelines are followed at all times while keeping a tight eye on the exam.


Is there a difference between an online exam and a paper-based exam?

Yes, there is no difference in qualification; however, your certificate will not specify that it was earned online because that information is unneeded. It doesn’t matter how you got the certificate; what matters is that you got it.


Is it true that the online math tests are official?

Yes, Ofqual regulates our exams, which means they are approved by the UK government.


Will I receive a hard copy of the certificate if I pass?

Yes, we supply both a digital and a paper copy of the certificate, which is mailed to your home address.


Would I need to know how to use computers and have particular software?

No, if you can run a basic laptop or computer, you don’t need any special software or technical knowledge.


Why should I take an online functional skills maths test instead of going to a test center?

The majority of individuals opt for this choice since it is more convenient, as results arrive much faster and there is no need to attend a testing centre. The MME tests can also be taken at various times throughout the day.